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January 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Red Paper Cut-outery

Red Paper Cut-outery

I just got back from dad’s new place in Ipoh. It is the perfect weekend getaway, and even though Chinese New Year was hectic, compounded by our dogs verging on psychotic breakdown because of industrial fireworks going off in the neighbour’s garden, it was good. Didi got her paws and backside wet in the river behind from trying to pounce on the fish. Toro munched on some nice chunks of barbecued lamb bones. We had the most monstrous barbeque dinner for the entire twosides of the family. Mayne and I decorated the house with bare supplies – some gold tinsel, red thread and LOTS of red paper. When we found we didn’t have glue, scientist sis brewed up a pot of starch glue. We cut the most ever red paper cuttings and placed them under the coffeetable glass and onto the skylight glass walls. We tried to get a table at Foh San for dimsum, waking up at 6.30am on a HOLIDAY. The dogs were sitting on the seats and the humans in the bootspace on the way back. I finally used by Lush Butterball bomb in a bath with a view. I didn’t use the internet for FIVE whole days. And it was freedom 🙂


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