See Me Recycle Packing Materials!

February 14, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve been constantly bugging scientist sis about bringing back more giant bubble wrap and boxes, and she has been very patient and obliging so far…

BUT today on the way back from picking sis up from sewing class in Bangsar Village (she is learning dressmaking, yay!) we passed by the MOTHERLODE of ALL PACKING MATERIALS. It was just opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre, one of the posh furniture shops there (Felione), and there, outside, on the kerb, was an absolute mountain of big bags of packing peanuts! We were the monkeys 😉

Of course, I went inside to ask if I could take some, and they were very amused. Anyone driving by the busy road at the time would have seen two chinese girls trying to fit a supersize bag into the boot (couldn’t fit!) and then subsequently pushing and pulling it into the back seat! One of the guys from the shop even came out to help! LOL we finally managed it. Thanks sis!

So anyone who orders from me, see… I really am recycling!!! *grin*



The Accomplice

Sis: The Accomplice


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§ 2 Responses to See Me Recycle Packing Materials!

  • Huey says:

    Oh yes I love recycling packing materials. That’s why I joined Eco Etsy team too. Hehe. Am up to learn more and recycle more…

    Btw, our team profile page is finally up. I’ve posted in our blog. Everyone seems to be busy celebrating Valentine’s this weekend. Hehe.

  • inkypots says:

    re our team: i noticed!

    if you need any packing peanuts, just holler. i unpacked that big bag and have about 6 black garbage bags full!

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