Yoga Boga in Langkawi

March 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Impromptu Simply Only Yoga at the Poolside

Impromptu Simply Only Yoga at the Poolside

At some point last year, the jonesing to MOVE and GO and FLY to someplace QUIET really really was bad. In this time, I would wake up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and start up my laptop (always waiting under the bed) and google for ashrams, yoga retreats, apprenticeships in metalsmithing, and pottery holidays in Japan.

One place kept appearing in ALL my yoga retreat googles for Asia, and this was Langkawi Yoga. The website was slick, the itinerary was a perfect balance of yoga and lazy, the scientist sis was willing, somewhere in the plan was the beach, and the price was right (northwards of RM1600).

So February saw me and sis frantically searching for yoga clothes that didn’t look like sleepwear, and gearing up for FIVE DAYS WITH NO MEAT – at one point we even considered sneaking in some barbecued pork slices (of course we didn’t!).

And now we’re back in civilisation. Let me tell you that if you are addicted to checking your mail every 3 hours, American Idol, shopping malls, noise and the city, you should get away to Langkawi on a yoga trip!

I want to remember so many things about this trip. Our instructors, Dorothy and Bas, were perfect ambassadors for the Langkawi life – content, easygoing, always accommodating and enthusiastic about showing us the the whole island… they drove us ALL OVER the island. The resort run by Andre and Ria, a Dutch couple of many talents. The ionised pool which turned a blonde girl’ s hair to an ethereal shade of verdigris, or mermaid green if you wanna get fancy (I have pictures of you Justena!). The view of water buffaloes flicking their tails, partnered with white birds, moving across the paddy fields like a slow cloud as we went through our sun salutations at sunrise. Hurrying to say goodbye to the sun on the beach with more sun salutations! The massage in the treetops at Ishan Spa. The best ever gluten-free chocolate melting heart pudding, served at the end of a salivating vegetarian meal of stuffed tofus and mushroom risotto, cooked by our chef Anuar. And yes, we dined gluten-free too, because the two Aussie girls on this trip were serendipitously BOTH gluten-intolerant. I found myself to be a happy vegetarian because the food was so good… Mmm… the food. You can tell where my soft spot is πŸ˜‰ Sis found the perfect natural water spa at Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, a private pool at the base of the falls. We climbed bloody 500 steps to reach the well at 7.30 in the morning! I thought my heart would split. But there was a view to make up for it.

Anyway, the next retreat is in late April. Highly recommended πŸ™‚


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