Moleskine Sketches

April 6, 2009 § 2 Comments

A Case of Doggy Melancholy

A Case of Doggy Melancholy

I’ve been in two minds about selling BOTH sketches and pottery on my etsy shop. The OCD mistress in me does not like seeing the rhythm of pot-pot-pot broken by 2-d drawing. Pot pot pot pot pot all the way seems so much more centred… easier to focus on… and ‘nicer’. But the notion of handling another store and having to check another mail all the time has me hesitating. Will I have enough drawings to fill a shop? Maybe not. Will the yoga drawings be happier in a place all their own? Possibly. See… I really don’t know! Help!



§ 2 Responses to Moleskine Sketches

  • preettysandhu says:

    moleskin’s are the best they help shed our skins….moleskins
    mole skins….dark spots on our skins..moles….wtf am I on about. hahaha
    I am so brain dead from my day! hahaha. I love your sketch.
    I want to get my print press and perhaps we can take over the world
    just as henry the 8th did with his printing press… well change the world….

  • inkypots says:

    i getcha… could wax lyrical about moleskines like a drunkard anytime 🙂 and they have that handy kangaroo pouch that no other notebook has! i found some interesting tidbits in mine the other day…

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