Dargon Dragonflies

April 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

A Fleet of Dragonflies

A Fleet of Dragonflies

Closer Up

Closer Up

First, let me say that making these almost KILLED me. Drama drama drama. Well, I instinctively make things a little chunky when I’m working with clay, just so it’s sturdier and stands the test of time. So when a client said they wanted thinner needler dragonflies, it was a challenge to me. Firstly, handling thinner bits of clay and sticking them together well. And the attention to detail in something so small… for the first time, I found myself with a SPONGE wiping each dragonfly smooth. Arghhh! My philosophy with most things is if that’s how it’s made, that’s how it should look. So if I dip the cup into glaze, I leave my fingerprints on. And if I have fingermarks on the body of the clay, I leave it there. Just to keep it fresh and handmade. But I must say I’m proud of myself for making these 🙂 We will see how they fire, and how many survive the migration.



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