Jala Neti!

May 22, 2009 § 5 Comments

Neti Pot and Salt Pot

Neti Pot and Salt Pot

Pottering in the studio and dealing with glazes can be bad for the nose and lungs, because there’s lots of small particles in the air when clay and glazes dry up. I’d been feeling clogged up and dirty in the nose for awhile, and when an acquaintance asked aroundabouts this potter making up neti pots, several months of vague curiosity coagulated into a real urge to try it out.

For those of you who haven’t heard of jala neti, have a look at Yoga Now’s explanation of how it works. In short, it’s a way to flush out your nose. Results? Easier breathing, clean nose!

The first time I experimented was at home, on a whim. Since I have no neti pot to use, I made do with an old lidless teapot I found lying in a kitchen drawer. I had no idea how much salt to use, and winged it with two teaspoonfuls. The resulting big stinging sensation in my nose showed me the error of my ways – don’t use too much salt! Ouch!

Not to be deterred by some floozy pain, I enlisted professional help. Mark of Yoga Now showed me how to use the neti pot, and also something slightly beyond my reach, sutra neti – where you push a little rubber tube up one nostril and pull it out your mouth. Now that… I am still working on. The neti regime is great though… no hesitations about sticking a spout up one nostril, pouring in warm salty water and leaking it out the other nostril anymore, and I like my new clean nostrils!

You can see my little home kit in the picture here… a plastic lil neti pot, and a bird jar I use to keep the sea salts to mix the salty water. I’ve also made up a few prototypes of a ceramic neti pot… to be posted when they come out of the kiln 🙂



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