Stoneware Neti Pots – First Batch!

May 30, 2009 § 8 Comments

Well here they are, the first batch of handmade neti pots! I haven’t tried any of these yet… would you like to? 🙂

Tiger Striped Neti Pot

Tiger Striped Pot

A turquoise and black striped pot in arresting colours. This is my favourite of the lot!

Shourt, Stout and Dented Neti Pot

Short, Stout and Dented Neti Pot

Simple and straightforward pot, with two dents on its stout body for fingers to grab onto.

Sculptural Neti Pot

Sculptural Neti Pot

This one, I would say is the prototype of an idea, since the execution is heavier than I like. I threw a conical shape on the wheel, cut out the hole, pinched out a belly from the excess clay at bottom and slapped it down at an angle.

And if they don’t work well as neti pots, they can always be fancy lil vases! 🙂


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§ 8 Responses to Stoneware Neti Pots – First Batch!

  • ps says:

    Oh god! I love the dicky pots ! * love * * love*

  • honeyanddaisy says:

    Like the tiger stripes!

  • inkypots says:

    ps: the spouts are so organic 😉

    honeyanddaisy: me too! the glaze combination was totally an experiment, and it worked out.

  • marc says:

    Found them – I really like the second one. Does it work? Can I get one from you? Can we sell them?

  • marc says:

    can you link this to your jala neti page please?

  • inkypots says:

    Marc! Let me send it to you and you can test if for yourself and tell me if it needs refining 🙂 are you still in KL?

  • marcdefaoite says:

    Miss Inkypots
    Your neti pot is fantastic – thank you so much.
    Very convenient to use.
    Fits nicely in the hand and the nozzle is very comfortable in the nose.
    The rate of flow is just right.
    Good volume – I use one full pot for each nostril.
    1 level teaspoon of salt seems to be just about the right amount.
    I can’t think of anyway you could improve it – I think you hit it spot on.
    I’m doing a neti demo next Wednesday in Taylors College – Sri Hartamas – I’ll show your pot off.

    Thanks again

  • Neti pots says:

    I really like the top one, it’s very pretty! The nozzel looks usable too. Do they hold a decent amount of water? If you could mass-produce them they would probaby sell! – Ceramic neti-pots are almost always boring white ones.

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