June Pots

May 31, 2009 § 3 Comments

Massage Oil Samplers

Massage Oil Samplers

Lippy Bowls & Cup

Lippy Bowls & Cup

Perky Bird Bowl

Perky Bird Bowl

Scrapy Textured Pot

Scrapy Textured Pot

Crazy Fishies Contemplation Bowl (Large)

Crazy Fishies Contemplation Bowl (Large)

The June crop of pots is quite a mixed bag of candy. Some pots turned out with great colourings, glaze pairings worked and didn’t work, some glazes held rough surprises in corners (reject!!!), some glazes didn’t drip as expected (sigh), some crawled (grahhh!)… ah WELL! There is a lot of food for thought from the outcome of these experiments.

Something I was thinking in the shower today: My goal with pottery is to enjoy the making of it, be in the moment, enjoy the spontanaeity of working with clay. Some days, the clay may want to move more, other days, it likes to be straight and proper – maybe this is expressive of my mood at the moment, and it is RIGHT that this shows in the work. The clay is ready to listen and be moved!


§ 3 Responses to June Pots

  • Jace says:

    Hey Jia Wen,

    Lovely bowls and pots! I really like the perky bird one. 😀

    I’ve given you a blog award. Check it out here. 🙂

  • Huey says:


    Haven’t dropped by for AGES! My work is almost killing me. @.@

    Anyway, your stuffs never fail to make me fall in love. You know, meeting you the other day makes me see you in your work now! 🙂

  • inkypots says:

    Hey jace! welcome to my blog 🙂 thank you for the award… appreciate it!

    Huey, thank you for the kind words! Hang in there and don’t stress so much k!

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