Why Clay Gods, WHY?

December 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

I had such happy hopes and high expectations for these casseroles, but they came out of the last firing WITH SKIN DISEASE! WARTS! GADDANGIT! Arrrr! Like magic they appeared, and now I am wondering if it is from the clay I recycled, and did not knead enough. Well that is most likely the case. I don’t think it is because of iron in it which is one of the possibilities teacher put forth. And they are also deformed for some reason. OH WELL. Letting it go…

Wartapop takes the lead in the race to reach the rim of the bowl

Would you run and hide if this creature showed up at pot luck?

Which brings me to a thought I’ve been nursing for a while. I want to write a book or at least a short paper on ‘Pottery Thought’ or ‘Lessons learned from potting’ or something like that. Maybe I need a snazzier title… but the point is, in learning how to work with clay, I feel I’ve learned a LOT about what it is to be human and dealing with the world.  For one, I’ve learned to let go 🙂 I’ve learned to work with great faith and hopeful expectations, yet deal when disaster strikes. I’ve learned to listen to the personality of the material i’m working with, instead of insisting with my will (a useful skill when dealing with other humans too!).  I’ve learned to think before doing, to imagine before starting. I’ve learned to breathe as I work. The more I work with clay, these little epiphanies happen!

Which leads me to wonder…  and want to spend even more time with this material that asks for just a little understanding, and then gives and gives and gives.

And now, to think of a use for warty pots, or else to the smash and crash with it!


§ One Response to Why Clay Gods, WHY?

  • ps says:

    DON’T smash them! I love the warty pots. They could be the Witches from Roald Dahl’s tale :).

    The essay/book sounds like a brilliant idea.
    Title suggestions : Pottation or The Ribs of Pots or the Cups of Earth. eick too serious? and boring?
    Claughter and Clahoughtfulness. or clapassion. haha ok now I am going a little nutty . WRITE IT! 🙂

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