2010 Updates

January 25, 2010 § 4 Comments

Mug with a Galaxy on its side

Awesome Drip!

Steppes - Trio of Manta Plates

Like the desert sands, and seabottoms

My First Teapot!

The First Teapot's Less Successful Brother

Mushrooms For Your Windowsill Garden

More Unassuming Bodies

Dark Bodies

It’s been a lean and mean past two months, with lots of high-pressure work in a lot of a hurry, and not much time to pot, and pots coming out all whack. But some turned out good… like the cup with the galaxy on its side, which I am using myself for rosebud and oolong tea in the afternoons, and the painted and dimensional surface of the faceted brown vessel (the result of some half-brained glazing), and two first teapots, from which I am learning much – I could have watched some tutorials or read up more before making these, but instead I am learning firsthand that spouts have to reach up to the top of the pot (water level… duh…) and that the lids are best made with a foot that lodges it nicely into the body (safer to pour)… I’ve got some new, more interesting neti pots on the way, and some experimental cut and fold pots too … just give me another month or so 🙂


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