Battling The Blahs – A Chapbook

August 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

'most people don't believe in blahs, you see'

The blahs are here again
and i don’t want them
can i give them back
or sell them off
or can i ignore them
and pretend i have the hurrahs?

–excerpt from Battling the Blahs

For many years, I’ve been holding on to these illustrations and a written piece that goes with it. It was a lighthearted way of dealing with the ‘blahs’ which show up every few moons or so (maybe more often, depending). In my imagination, the blahs became these little dusty balls with feet and eyes that silently follow me about when i’m feeling down.

Now, I’ve compiled the illustrations and text into a small book, and it’s available at my etsy shop. The book is black and white, 44 pages (including cover), with big storybook style text spaced out and 16 illustrations in total. Closed, it measures 8.25 inches tall x 5.25 inches wide. It is printed on FSC certified paper (Munken Pure, same as all my yoga illustrations). Stitched together by hand.

It’s a keepsake book, or a good way of letting a depressed friend know you’re there for them. Stay tuned for more excerpts and illustrations!



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