Of bridges, soaps and simpler things…

August 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are some things about the barter system that I find beguiling… the romance of the direct exchange of goods, and knowing exactly where these things were made/grown. Just imagine, going through your house you could sit on the chair that mr. carpenter over the hill made, and mix up a batch of pancakes in the bowl that the potter from the next village threw, and roast a chicken that a neighbour brought up… all your objects (and food) would have… context. Back to reality though, this isn’t always possible, but when it is, I jump at the opportunity to trade goods with other crafters of practical things! Like recently when the wonderful Michelle of Kindersoaps expressed a lust for some square bowls of mine. We hooked up a most satisfactory trade, and I went home with a boxful of handmade soaps that scented my car, room and bathroom for many months down the road. I really must say, these are the only soaps i’ve tried that don’t dry out my skin – in fact, they semi-moisturize… and the natural scents are really therapeutic. The soaps also inspired a need… for soapdishes that fit in with my rustic/primitive aesthetic. This also coincided with a fascination to do with bridges, aqueducts and archways that has been following me around for some time. The product? These wee architectural dishes you see in the pictures.

These soap dishes are even more special because they got their firing in a dragon kiln… whooosh of big big fire and dragons breath. 🙂


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  • barter sites says:

    I love the soap And the dishes! they go so well together. We’re building a search engine that lets you search multiple barter sites from one spot. It’s over at barter-sites.com ps, your blog them and the pics / message of this article- very zen.

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