Live the Life You’ve Imagined

September 3, 2010 § 6 Comments

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

There is so much about this quote from Walden that speaks to me. Moving forward. Dreaming of what I really want. Staying positive. Forming a future by giving the imagination free rein. And then going for it. I google-imaged the quote and some great visuals came up. Here’s my take on it with my favourite fonts and colours of the moment 🙂 Feel free to use any of these for wallpaper, or print one out and tack it wherever it’ll work its juju best.



§ 6 Responses to Live the Life You’ve Imagined

  • liza says:

    nice one! been dreaming lots!hope that this will be happening soon.

    • inkypots says:

      thanks michelle 🙂 it’s been a daze of running around the past week and moving stuff around even more… when will the moving stop!?! but hope to catch up with you again soon…

  • preettysandhu says:

    well, when you told me you picked up tasik walden , I was excited for you…and now with these….I AM EXCITED FOR ME!!!! 😀 Geeez woman, I love these, I was just thinking of making little posters for my room with words on them too, only mine are more like…’ there is coffee downstairs, get up!’ haha
    in terms of dreams and following your passions, be warned fellow traveler’s, it’s more hard work than you’d expect and you just have to imagine going into it, it could get a little Hans Christian Anderson or Brothers Grimms’ before anything else. BUt the greatest travelers do say, it is but the journey, not the destination.

    • inkypots says:

      ya… absolutely get you 🙂 and if we do get there, then where do we go after that! haha 🙂 every step should be made with joy and excitement… that is my attempt in this life…

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