Side Project: Rubber Alphabet Sets

October 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

As I write this, I’m mentally rubbing my hands in glee! I finally have more alphabet stamps!!! And this time, instead of splurging on metal type, I DIY-ed it with rubber stamps.

The benefit of doing rubber stamps is the utter flexibility of it. You could basically make your own handwriting into a set of rubber stamps… but I settled for a lower case sans serif set, and a small caps serifed set.

Step 1:  Select a typeface and size that you want. Print out the characters you want and take to rubber stamp shop.

Step 2: Get complete rubber stamps made (expensive!) and then your DIY project is done, or do what I did, and just get the engraved rubber bits made.

Step 4: Select suitable sized wood lengths. Cut to a comfortable size for each alphabet. It’s got to be long enough to easily hold. Sand sand sand away.

Step 5: Cut rubber type into size to fit wood squares. Don’t stick them on to the wood yet! Ink the alphabet and impress onto other end. Then check orientation and stick it on base. (optional: prime other end with white acrylic so it’s easier to see the letters)

Step 6: Find a good box to keep them well! Fun and done!


§ 2 Responses to Side Project: Rubber Alphabet Sets

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