Blue Polka Dot Shoes

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whew… i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. Between graphic design jobs and copywriting jobs, and pottery on the side, my job box is overflowing. Quoting for jobs, chasing payments, keeping track of progress with current jobs, packing pots, running to the post office, this is all on top of the actual work itself. Dealing with pots that break in the kiln. Not to mention having just moved into a studio where there is no working internet, which drastically reduces my productivity! Thoughts float about, things get done as they get done, maybe it is time to get some help, or cut down on something…  I also seem to have a major case of the writer’s block, or a vague stubbornness about tackling one of my current

jobs. I NEED A HOLIDAY! I feel like I need to muster up the courage and determination to really follow my dreams and not follow money signs. And then another half of me says not to be all idealistic and frivolous. How to resolve the two sides?

On a more definite note, these swank blue polka dot shoes were a surprise find in Kuala Kubu Baru. RM10 ONLY! And great for walking to the waterfalls. And walking dogs 🙂


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