Crafty Art Market This Saturday!

November 23, 2010 § 4 Comments

These past few weeks have been MAD! I hardly know where my head is, and projects seem to pop up out of nowhere into days which I thought were nicely planned out. Nevertheless, inkypots will be part of a team of Malaysian etsy sellers at the first evarrrr Crafty Art Market @ Jaya One this Saturday 27th!

Where: Area outside The Bee at Jaya One

Time: 11am to 6pm

If you’re shopping for Christmas or simply only, I think you’ll find something to buy here from one of the many etsy shops. As for me, I’ll be selling a smaller selection this time around (60% of my stock got zapped off the shelves at the last art market and I got too caught up with making for orders to make much) BUT I do have some new pieces from the dragon kiln to show 🙂

I am looking forward to some coffee and cake from The Bee and just hanging out… so if you’re in the area, drop by for a chat ya!

Here’s a tasting of the sellers who will be there (excerpted from this blog post):

  • Bag N Craft: Sally makes crocheted handbags and lucky stars.
  • Christystudio: Christy stitches practical and chic fabric bags
  • Folktale Studio: Yasmin makes cards and felt accessories
  • French Toast Friday: Fairuz will be showcasing paper goods
  • JainaBee: Pek Mun makes Washi Ningyo (Japanese Paper Doll) cards and origami jewelry
  • Kalleo Handmade Soaps and Kinder Soaps: Christine and Michelle make all-natural, cold process soap, entirely from scratch
  • Love and Craft: Alicia makes felt and fabric items
  • Love Fate Jewelry: Zurien makes jewelry
  • Minifanfan: Yi Fan makes jewelry & accessories, art prints, and postcards
  • Nukilan, Funkytiles and Rekhss: Nadiah and Rekha offer greeting cards, notebooks, hand painted tiles, gift tags, mixed media, fun stuff!
  • Storybook Theater: Michelle makes children’s jewelry & accessories (psst-Yasmin of Folktale Studio is her mom!)
  • Totodudo: Kiwi will be selling pottery, art prints, greeting card & handmade dolls
  • YSM by Yasmin Handrich: Yasmin makes handpainted picture frames; acyrlic/permanent marker/pencil/charcoal drawings and paintings
  • Emikaz, Infiniteglam & Alluregem: Emi creates wire art jewelry
  • Fong Studio: Fong makes unique owl pillows
  • Inkypots: Jia Wen makes ceramics and art prints
  • JPBeads: Jenny offers purse hooks, jewelry and accessories
  • Mimpi Murni: Murni makes jewelry and lipbalms
  • Quillowpatch: Vianney will showcase her batik & Christmas-themed patchwork
  • ReiYap: Rei sells miscellaneous handicraft and prints

§ 4 Responses to Crafty Art Market This Saturday!

  • Dionysios says:

    Life’s a madhouse, right? It’s funny when that happens as things go well. I turn to face the sun and close my eyes and hold it for 60 seconds and then when I open them again, things are…glowing. Funny that. Evry thing is going to be allright. Good luck JW!

  • inkypots says:

    Dionysios, I just read all the Percy Jackson books and was thinking that you’re nothing like the character there 🙂 in a good way! i’ve never tried that trick with the sun… but that is the way to happiness, isn’t it? perspective and presentness. Love, light, truth. I’m just buzzing from Coffee #2 woohoooo. Thank you for the luck, caught it in the palm of my hand and holding it all the way through the weekend!

  • Dionysios says:

    Ahh, that sounds good. How is Percy Jackson anyway? I’m glad you liked the words. Keep doing the good thing that you’re doing.

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