A Nest of Succulents!

December 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

Today I took a mini break from potting and do some potting of another kind… with earth and roots and green stuff 🙂 A few days ago I got a free plant (woohoo!) at the mall, courtesy of Honda (tq Honda I drive one too!). A really nice succulent, which inspired this project…

First I dug out from the dusty recesses of a store cupboard, one pot with a very convenient crack at the bottom. I always imagined it’d be handy for a bonsai, but then I’m not one to be manipulative with plants – my approach to gardening is more like plonking plants in the ground or in pots, and then finding a spot the plant likes by asking it repeatedly ‘do you like it here? huh huh huh?’ and watching fixedly as I imagine them growing in answer. This was the pot – some nice Steve Tool action going on around the sides…

And then I trolled around for assorted small plants gathered from freebies at the mall, dark ‘n damp corners of the garden and the neighbourhood nursery. Didn’t really have much choice because the garden is a wild place filled with monster plants which are mostly too huge for this little pot. These were the suitables:

The white pot was the Honda plant. Nice huh. I chucked  out the old plastic pots and arranged the plants as and how they would fit together, and TA DA!

A spiky spanking new centrepiece for the worktable! Now I hope they grow really slowly because they fit just nice right now…


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