What to do with your mooncake moulds the other 11 months of the year.

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I can’t say I particularly look forward to Mooncake Festivals now that I’m semi-grown up. All adults get to do is eat lumps of heavy cakes filled with too much bean paste and not enough biscuit, and drink tea. And you can drink tea any other day of the year!

Now kids, they get to do the fun stuff, like stick candles all over brick fences, and whatever crevices the gate, letterbox and kerb provide, burn up paper lanterns (accidentally and not, by playing Lantern Attack) and burn up other stuff when they run out of lanterns. Like, leaves, scraps of monopoly money and dog tails.

I’m kidding!  HEE.  So I decided to make my own version of fun with the various  mooncake paraphernalia available…


This mould has two mooncakes in one. Very solid, with tiny pinprick holes at the base to release air into each form. This allows the cake to come out easily. Well, perhaps not so easily, as evidenced by those repeated dents at the end. Kinda whacked them hard on a concrete brick or two.

This nifty new innovation is a plunger style with spring release type mould. Just put a ball of dough inside and press the hell out of it!

A look at the design on the plastic mould. You can see a bag of corn flour in the background. I swiped it from the pantry. Also the metal mesh sieve. Don't tell mom!

A hardy and industrial old-school sieve. (to sieve the cornflour a bit so it's not lumpy)

TADA! Clay mooncake pats. 😀 This is before cleanup and firing - see that hole in the rather off-middle - that was later cleaned up to hold a thick stick of incense. I should have taken more pictures of the rest, but in my hurry to fire them, they went to the kiln already. Pictures post-fire to come soon (cross fingers and hope they fit in the next firing!)


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