Let the wind blow it away…

December 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Bali Buddha

Recently I’ve been feeling ‘heavy’, and any kind of movement, physical or thoughtful, has been slow and fought with a resistance that is stubborn and dulling. Some things can be forgiven, but memories float back and it is a constant struggle to forget the past that doesn’t apply to the present. But then in the small hours of this morning, I remembered a powerful vision that came to me many months ago. I had been in a similar funk, and the morning after this dream, I woke up light, happier than I’d been in years. Yet it was a simple dream…

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, there were fallen leaves swept up by the wind all around me. The leaves were orange, golden, black, and many had stuck to my legs and the ground nearby. I picked up a leaf, and as I looked at it in my hand, the wind blew it away. And I continued, picking up another leaf, and another, to let the wind take each away. Until there were none remaining, and I felt blessed to be light again.

Where did the wind come from? In my dream, the wind was always there. I just had to pick up the leaves, and the rest, the wind took care of…


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