Inkypots for KitaKita

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s a gem of a shop in Damansara Heights, and it’s called KitaKita. It purveys works of craft by traditional and contemporary artists from around Malaysia and showcases and sells the work in a cosy, beautifully designed showroom. And my stuff is there too! Here’s a preview of some things made for KitaKita:

Some warrior amulets, large (3-5 inches wide) and small (around 2 inches wide) in the popular ‘black gold’ glaze… I forgot that the glaze had to be cleaned out of the holes, so some of them got stuffed up when the glaze melted and pooled in the kiln, so got to figure out a way to grind them out…

And I made 10 fish plates of varying types – mackerel (ikan kembong), garoupa, anchovy (ikan bilis) and pufferfish. Out of the ten, two pufferfish came out exquisite… the rest… That’s the way of clay…

Also some pod plates in ‘golden black’ glaze. I got to say, the people at KitaKita really chose the pieces that I love to make. Some of these designs, the fish, the warrior amulets and the pod plates, had sat in my etsy shop for ages, and I’d been wondering why they didn’t sell better, because personally I loved them and thought they were original and beautiful in my eyes. It was a joy to meet someone who appreciated these and wanted more!

KitaKita is in the same building as Chef & Brew in Damansara Heights… do go and have a look if you’re in the area and support local crafts!

There’s a website too!


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