Lidded Containers!

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the most often used piece of pottery in my home is a little lidded container about 4 inches high that holds some pink salt. It has a bird on it that serves as the handle and was one of the first few pieces I made when I got a wheel for the studio. I use it every time I cook, so it really gives the most usability out of all the pots I’ve ever made. Practical me decided to make more lidded containers then, for tea, for cooking salt, for bath salts, for anything that needs covering and containing without needing to be absolutely airtight!

As it happened though, this firing was a problematic one – seems the temp dropped too fast at the end, leaving most of the pots with shining white glaze BUBBLY! I ground down the smaller bubbles and will keep these for my own use… but I do wanna make more for the inkypots store. I really enjoyed painting on the surface decorations and making up patterns.

The following ones are a series I’d like to call ‘Atmospheric’. I combined two glazes for more dimension and movement, and it turned out amazing!

Atmospheric or dragon’s hide… both seem suitable descriptions for them. And they are rather monstrous in shape too. Sizes are around 5-7 inches tall for these.


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