The Blues To Me…

November 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

The blues to me is like being very sad, very sick, going church, being very happy. There’s two kinds of blues. there’s happy blues then there’s sad blues. Don’t think I’ve ever sang the same way twice. Don’t think I ever sing the same tempo. One night it’s a little bit slower the next night it’s a little bit brighter. That’s cause i have ‘feel’

— Billie Holiday

I transcribed this from the prelude to ‘Fine and Mellow’. What do these pots feel like to you? 🙂

A new crop of windy blue pots…

Malapascua Winds – Three Cups

I picked up a little prickly seed pod on the beach in Malapascua, Philippines. Did I mention the crazy beautiful powerful sea there? It’s still in my mind. All I wanted to do was sit and watch the waves and sky. On these cups, I used my fingers to track the pod over the lower halves, resulting in a trail of tiny dots for texture. Some black slip for extra colour and a matte blue glaze complete the piece. The matte on some pieces is kinda rough, so these cups may end up holding plants instead. They measure 3.5 inches across.

Three-Colour Blues Bird Vases

It’s the familiar bird vases, but in new blue tones! Matte blue overlaps with shiny dark blue to produce a frothy blue, with a splash of brown thrown in for extra tonal depth. Measures 5 inches tall without the bird, 6.25 tall with the bird.

RM100 each


Blue Touched Mugs

Large cups to hold lots of water… the way I like it 🙂 When glazing, I gripped the cups at the base and submerged the piece in glaze, leaving negative areas where my fingers held them. These were touched with a clear slightly greenish glaze for extra interest. Some of the bases have a swirly blue texture too. Sizes vary between 3.5 to 4 inches in height. Again, some of these may be too rough (because of firing method) for use as mugs, so I’ll go through them and some may turn up with plants in the future.


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