A little nudge to self…

November 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Be you, be true, love what you do. Ayeeeee. The studio is in shambles right now, as painters move stuff around painting the entire house, and I’ve carefully so carefully moved most fragile stuff indoors. Taking this time to mend the broken legs on a cabinet, and renew a gnawed timber table (the work of two energetic and hungry puppies from a year ago. Thankfully they are past the chewy stage!), paint white a shelf that was sticking out like a sore thumb in black, and do up a poster wall. This is gonna be one of the pieces up there, just so I remember.

Looking at these words, I’m realising that ‘love what you do’ is much deeper than it seems. Because it’s when I make pots with full diligence and attention to detail, step by step with no hurry and a smile in my head… that’s when they are good. And it takes love to do that. Where does this love come from? Perhaps it is simply a desire to do right. Right now. The right way. And love is there.


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