Sketches done, now to print! New yoga drawings

October 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

The first wave of yoga drawings I came up with was years ago, back when I first started practicing yoga in Kuala Lumpur. That was probably 2007 or 2008. While I continued to practice, I wasn’t that inspired to draw more… pottery was my focus for most of the time. But having to travel (which was a joy and a huge privilege) meant that I was away from the wheel for more than 3 months, with good chunks of time in my hands and I started drawing and painting again. It seems to have opened the flood gates, and I am happy to share with you three new yoga drawings that will be coming out as prints in my etsy shop in the next week! Here are pictures of the originals, untouched up and wrinkled paper and all.

Warrior One


These days I love coming up into warrior one. Just don’t like holding it too long because my knees start hurting! The effort it takes to sweep my arms up is what inspired the spiral shell background for this. And I love the courage of Paulo Coelho’s words ‘From now on everything is sacred’.


Kurmasana / Tortoise


The tortoise goes into his shell and looks inwards at his world… I wanted a sense of the spaciousness that comes from looking inwards. And eyes everywhere on my back. That’s what tortoise feels like for me!




Sigh… this is a purely aspirational drawing. I am still way far away from hanomasana. But I am visualising it 😉


Next, I want to share with you the mandalas I drew while I was at Lanserhof, Austria!




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