Finding My Way Home…. First crop of Labyrinths and Yoga Plates

October 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

It’s been a time of staying at home, with nice big bags of clay, pottering with my fingers and palms to shape these labyrinths which fascinate me, and drawing new yoga asanas onto paleo/caveman platters. These are about the most ideal things to make right now from home, because they are sturdy enough to withstand the bumpy ride from house to Gaya’s kilns without too much stress. And I like how substantial they are in the hands, and plonked onto a table surface. Still more to come in the next firings – but I wanted to share these first!

Star Labyrinth with Face Star Labyrinth with Face - Side IMG_4755

The Way is Paved with Stars – Star Labyrinth with Face (Woodfired) – 16cm across

Standing Forward Bend Platter

Standing Forward Bend Long Platter (Woodfired) – 36.5cm x 16.5cm

Mermaid Pose Platter

Mermaid Round Platter (Woodfired) – 29cm across

Camel Pose PlatterIMG_4749

Camel Platter (Woodfired) – 19 cm across

 Shoulder Stand Platter

Shoulder Stand Long Platter (Woodfired) – 12.5cm x 30cm

photo(2) image

Seated Forward Bend Long Platter (Wood Fired) – 12.5 x 30 cm


Baltic Labyrinth Platter

Baltic Labyrinth (Woodfired) – 31cm across

Cretan Labyrinth - Silence is the Language of GodIMG_4757

Silence is the Language of God – Labyrinth (Woodfired) – 19cm across

Clover Labyrinth

Clover Labyrinth (Blue Glaze) – 24cm across

IMG_4917 Baltic Labyrinth Hagi Glaze

Baltic Labyrinth (Hagi Glaze) – 31 cm across

Double Spiral Labyrinth

All Roads Lead To Om – Labyrinth (Blue Glaze) – 25 cm across

Baltic Labyrinth - Black Gold

Baltic Labyrinth (Black Gold Glaze) – 27.5 cm across

PS: All are available for sale. Message me for more details 🙂


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