Art For Grabs: World Refugee Day (6 & 7 June 2015)!

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Heads up folks! If you’re in KL, there’s a market coming up!


SILENT AUCTION FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Let There Be Light : Here is a pure and simple 8mm rudraksha mala, with rutilated quartz markers and clearl quartz crystals that I made today. I will sell this mala by silent auction at my stall at Art For Grabs this weekend and all proceeds from the sale will be contributed to a refugee related cause (still doing research in this). The bidding begins at only RM80!


And then the following Saturday, I’ll be holding a Mala Making Workshop ❤ more details on fb (click to see more details!)


Finding My Way Home…. First crop of Labyrinths and Yoga Plates

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It’s been a time of staying at home, with nice big bags of clay, pottering with my fingers and palms to shape these labyrinths which fascinate me, and drawing new yoga asanas onto paleo/caveman platters. These are about the most ideal things to make right now from home, because they are sturdy enough to withstand the bumpy ride from house to Gaya’s kilns without too much stress. And I like how substantial they are in the hands, and plonked onto a table surface. Still more to come in the next firings – but I wanted to share these first!

Star Labyrinth with Face Star Labyrinth with Face - Side IMG_4755

The Way is Paved with Stars – Star Labyrinth with Face (Woodfired) – 16cm across

Standing Forward Bend Platter

Standing Forward Bend Long Platter (Woodfired) – 36.5cm x 16.5cm

Mermaid Pose Platter

Mermaid Round Platter (Woodfired) – 29cm across

Camel Pose PlatterIMG_4749

Camel Platter (Woodfired) – 19 cm across

 Shoulder Stand Platter

Shoulder Stand Long Platter (Woodfired) – 12.5cm x 30cm

photo(2) image

Seated Forward Bend Long Platter (Wood Fired) – 12.5 x 30 cm


Baltic Labyrinth Platter

Baltic Labyrinth (Woodfired) – 31cm across

Cretan Labyrinth - Silence is the Language of GodIMG_4757

Silence is the Language of God – Labyrinth (Woodfired) – 19cm across

Clover Labyrinth

Clover Labyrinth (Blue Glaze) – 24cm across

IMG_4917 Baltic Labyrinth Hagi Glaze

Baltic Labyrinth (Hagi Glaze) – 31 cm across

Double Spiral Labyrinth

All Roads Lead To Om – Labyrinth (Blue Glaze) – 25 cm across

Baltic Labyrinth - Black Gold

Baltic Labyrinth (Black Gold Glaze) – 27.5 cm across

PS: All are available for sale. Message me for more details 🙂

Sketches done, now to print! New yoga drawings

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The first wave of yoga drawings I came up with was years ago, back when I first started practicing yoga in Kuala Lumpur. That was probably 2007 or 2008. While I continued to practice, I wasn’t that inspired to draw more… pottery was my focus for most of the time. But having to travel (which was a joy and a huge privilege) meant that I was away from the wheel for more than 3 months, with good chunks of time in my hands and I started drawing and painting again. It seems to have opened the flood gates, and I am happy to share with you three new yoga drawings that will be coming out as prints in my etsy shop in the next week! Here are pictures of the originals, untouched up and wrinkled paper and all.

Warrior One


These days I love coming up into warrior one. Just don’t like holding it too long because my knees start hurting! The effort it takes to sweep my arms up is what inspired the spiral shell background for this. And I love the courage of Paulo Coelho’s words ‘From now on everything is sacred’.


Kurmasana / Tortoise


The tortoise goes into his shell and looks inwards at his world… I wanted a sense of the spaciousness that comes from looking inwards. And eyes everywhere on my back. That’s what tortoise feels like for me!




Sigh… this is a purely aspirational drawing. I am still way far away from hanomasana. But I am visualising it 😉


Next, I want to share with you the mandalas I drew while I was at Lanserhof, Austria!



Wave Platter, Ice Cream Cups and other little things…

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Thinking of the sea and clouds with my fingers, these came about…


…with a dramatic interior…Image

these little containers were wood fired:Image


ImageImageImageToro black dog was the inspiration for this last one 🙂 All these pots will be for sale this Saturday too! 



Little Red Market is Tomorrow!

May 12, 2012 § 2 Comments


There is so much to pack! *faint. I’ll be bringing two special new prints for viewing and you can order your edition there and then (they’re big and slightly precious, so I won’t be bringing stock). Looking forward to a day out!

Swimming in the Deep

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Here’s what the latest poking, prodding and denting have brought forth.

White Diamond Espresso Cups
sizes range from 2 inches high – 2.5 inches high
capacity 1-2 shots of espresso

I’ve already chosen the two I’m going to keep! 😀 Most tragically, the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker’s gasket has, after 6 years of good service, disintegrated into a sticky mess and I can’t test one of these to see how it works. And Amazon won’t ship the replacement parts here. WHY NOT, AMAZON?  These cups were patiently textured, triangle by triangle, for a seemingly geometrical but actually not mathematically sound pattern. Cute and perky, there are 4 of these available!

RM40 each

Rattan Weave Long Platters
9 in x 3.5 in

More of the rattan weave, because it’s beautiful! This time, I’ve shaped long platters with a generous lip so you can use them for food with some gravy. Or stick to sushi rolls and yakitori. Three glazes combine for textural travels. Note: They wobble.

RM60 each
2 available

Wandering Elephant Plates
6.25 in diameter

You’ve probably seen these before, but wait! These are bigger! With a beaten textured base! Same same, different size. Something about elephants makes me happy…

RM40 each
4 available

Large Rattan Weave Manta Platters
10.5 – 11 inches across

The way the edges curl up remind me of manta rays. The rattan is like from grandfather’s rocking chair, but in reverse, they read out as x’s and o’s. These platters look beautiful just sitting about on a coffee table. One is half green- a delicate light light green- and half white. The other is all white. For some reason, the white plate was really difficult to photograph… maybe the light? – I’ll try again another day.

RM110 each

And finally, some random fish that swam in with the tide… They’ll need some retrofitting before they’re ready for real… wait and see!

and more fish from mooncake molds, just for fun:

Why do I make so many fish? Maybe it’s because a fortune teller once told me I was like a fish swimming in a river. Eventually I’ll reach the sea.

Celestial Glaze – New Cups

December 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

There’s a new blue glaze I’ve been dipping stuff in lately, and it is alternately puke ugly and then celestially beautiful. I’m showing you the beautiful ones…

Above, a generous espresso cup with faceted hand-textured surface.

Below, a pair of blue tumblers. One of them is quite normal looking. And then, the other on just one side has an amazing drip that just sets off the blue to perfection, with hues of green, orange and brown in the mix.

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